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Streaming Your Favorite With 12K+ International Channels  Your favorite shows and channels – on any device, in any location. With MindIptv, you can watch live cable or satellite TV, video apps, recorded shows, and on demand shows on your phone, tablet, and computer. Anywhere in the world.

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Next Level is an IPTV Hosting service, providing ultra-fast access to SD/HD/FHD/UHD IPTV streams. We offer unlimited access to 8000+ channels from around the world and a vast selection of video on demand. We Also offer Multi View support for 2 and 4 connections. We have channels from Movies, Entertainment, Kids, News, Sports, Documentaries, Local channels, Religious Channels & over 400 24/7 Channels. It’s a huge package. We also have International channels from all around the world!

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RocketStreams is an IPTV service, providing ultra-fast access to HD IPTV streams. We offer unlimited access to 2000+ channels from around the world and a vast selection of video on demand. Start watching all your favorite IPTV sports streams, movies and TV shows all in HD and with rapid loading speeds. Tired of searching for poor service that lets you down? We make IPTV viewing simple. RocketStreams is considered one of the most reliable and flawless IPTV streams available. We have the entire world of entertainment waiting for your enjoyment!

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Best IPTV Providers 2019. Watch IPTV from your Internet service provider or free live TV channels from any other source in the web. If you are using VLC to watch TV on your PC

Looking for best IPTV service provider in 2020? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

In this article we are going to show you top 4 

best legal IPTV service provider for 2020

 available in the IPTV industry based on their price, service quality, customer service, number of channels and many other technical factors.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is becoming popular day by day because they are less costly than the traditional process of enjoying TV through a cable. Not only that, IPTV comes with many others advance features with thousands of channels with a single subscription.

best iptv service providers 2020

IPTV allows its user to choose what content they prefer to watch. For intense, if a user just want to see sports channels, can buy IPTV sports subscription package individually.

There are many well-known all-round providers in the market which offers thousands of channels from sports to entertainments, music to movies, everything you can imagine.

What Makes A Good IPTV Service?

When you are planning to buy an IPTV subscription, you should do some research. Don’t get panic, we do the research for you and make a list of some features a good IPTV service provider should have. Such as:

  • Payment Options (Pay with PayPal or Major Cards)

A good IPTV service provider must have the above features to claim themselves the market leader. Another features you must look in for, is your service provider is ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) approved or not. If your services provider is not listed in ACE, you should avoid them.

Top 4 Best IPTV Service Provider

Below are the top 4 most popular and reliable IPTV services provider in the market right now:

  1. Style Iptv

Number one in our list is the Style Iptv because of their relatively low price and service quality. They offer nice picture quality and buffer less streaming. Style Iptv offer huge collections of HD channels (more than 10000 channels worldwide).

They also enriched with high quality premium sports, entertainment and movies channels. So you can enjoy whatever you want by subscribing any of their plans. They also provide antifreeze streaming technology through latest H264 technology

Style Iptv serving more than 10k TV channels and the numbers of TV channels are added day by day. No other IPTV provider can beat their channels streaming quality. They also have huge collection of movies and TV series (more than 40k). You can enjoy any IDMB top rated movies and TV series through their service.

Reliability & Quality

Style Iptv provides great collection of popular TV channels to reduce your hassle while finding your desired channel. You can highly rely on them because they guarantee 99.99% uptime. They offer H264 based antifreeze technology to ensure you are enjoying smooth and buffer-less streaming.

Their dedicated customer support team are available 24/7 to solve any kind of technical and billing issues. Which is one of the major drawbacks of other IPTV service provider.


One Day Trial: 24 Hours free IPTV trial subscription.

  • Cost: $0

One Month: 30 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $15

Three Months: 90 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $30

Six Months: 180 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $50

One Year: 360 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $80

Two Years: 720 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $120


Overall Style Iptv is a great service with lots of premium features in less cost. We highly recommend their service as we are currently using them and we are highly satisfied with their service and customer support.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming platform Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular online streaming services provider with a lot of good content. Amazon has own Fire TV stick and box that is used for streaming the content from Amazon Prime Video.

But it also has some limitations, you can only stream the content which are owned by Amazon Prime Video.

Quality & Reliability

Though it has some limitations, Amazon’s Prime Video is extremely popular amongst their user because of its quality and reliability. All Amazon Prime Video account comes with 30 days of free trail to test it out. They also offer Great customer service to their subscribers.


Amazon Prime Video comes with $12.99 monthly subscription plan, but if you pay for annual membership plan they will charge $119. All subscription plans have one month free trail option.


If you are happy with limited number of movies and series you can try their service. Millions of Prime Video subscriptions sold till date, they must have something that attract their customers.

3. Netflix

Netflix is currently the go-to streaming service provider for many of us around the world. It is like Amazon Prime Video and there is huge competition between these two providers.

They have lots of contents like their original movies and interesting shows. They do also have lots of older shows which is great for binge-watching. Netflix works on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming devices.

Quality & Reliability

Netflix offer wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet connected devices. There is no commercial, so you can enjoy their content without disturbed by annoying advertisement. New TV shows and movies added every week on a random basis.

They are one of leader of the streaming industry for their great potential and customer services. No online streaming list will complete without them.


You can enjoy Netflix all for one fixed monthly fee. Plans range from $7.99 to $11.99 a month. No extra costs and no contracts. You can try Netflix for free for 30 days as they offer one month free trial.


Netflix has a lots to offer but it has also many limitations. That’s why everyone will not find its movies and TV shows worth paying for.

4. Insight IPTV

Insight IPTV may be an option for you but it is not as good as Style Iptv. They are little expensive than Style Iptv as compared to the features and customer services. But they also have incredible channel lineup and video on demand features. You can also access their content from 2 devices at the same time.

Quality & Reliability

They offer advanced technology like high load balancing system which ensure smooth and constant streams. We can easily switch between channels simultaneously with any buffer. They claim 99.99% uptime guarantee to their user. Insight IPTV also provide great customer service and sole you technical issues as first as possible.


One Day Trial: 24 Hours IPTV trial subscription.

  • Cost: $4.9

Three Months: 90 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $39

Six Months: 180 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $59.75

One Year: 360 Days premium IPTV subscription.

  • Cost: $92.70


Their service is great but the drawback is they have limited number of channel as compared to Style Iptv. If you okay with their channel listing you may try them.

Final Verdict

There are many IPTV providers and the number is growing daily. That’s why finding a good provider is so tricky and can be difficult too. We highly recommend Style IPTV provider because they offer many premium features at a lower cost with great customer support.